Fernando Del Viejo is a gourmand and epicurean, having been charged by Queen Isabella of Castile to protect the treasury of Datil pepper plants that back the Spanish currency. As an emissary he was sent with Ponce de Leon to explore new territories in the New World and gain fortune for the Royal Family through cultivation of this rare and unique Datil pepper.

What is a "Datil Pepper" you inquire? Well, it happens to be the rarest of all peppers. It is golden in color, about 2 inches in length, and the plants that produce these piquant peppers only grow in St. Augustine, Florida.

During his adventures, Fernando Del Viejo landed in what is now St. Augustine, Florida, cultivating the land for this wonderous pepper to prosper. Through these efforts, he earned the title of Duke of Pimienta and Arbiter Elegantiae, making him the prized aficionado and gourmet chef of epicurean delicacies for the Queen herself.

 Now seasoned with age but with no chance of slowing down, Fernando Del Viejo has begun to release his exquisite culinary concoctions upon the greater epicurean community. Taste comes first. The aesthetic is made to match the culinary acumen of Fernando Del Viejo.

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